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In 1992, Ballard Gardner opened a small trip hazard removal business in Provo, Utah. Frustrated with the poor results from conventional methods, he designed a unique machine and process that uses a saw instead of a grinder. The efforts ultimately led to today’s design, which has been awarded six currently-held patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Wendy and Alan MacMurray, the founders of Precision Sidewalk Safety Corp, have over 50 years combined experience in customer management, service delivery and project implementation and have been respected executives for global Fortune 500 companies as well as start-up companies. They introduced the Precision technology to Florida in late 2006 and to South Carolina in 2007 and they now support hundreds of customers. The company has used its unique, patented technique to make over 100,000 repairs on sidewalks in South Carolina and Florida, saving those communities an estimated $15 million on sidewalk repair expenditures.

"Initially, we had Precision Sidewalk Safety repair four blocks of sidewalks in our downtown area. The reaction of our residents was so positive, that we've expanded our business with the company to include various other areas within our city.“

-- Dennis Huett
Mount Dora Public Works

"We had evaluated other methods, which shut down sidewalks from public use, damaged our trees, or required costly and time consuming work. The Precision method is an immediate and long-term solution that really stretches the city’s tax dollars. We can use this method again years from now and still avoid the cost of tearing out and re-pouring the walkways.“

-- Billy Hargrove
Public Works Operations
City of Oviedo