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Precision Sidewalk Safety supports hundreds of customers in South Carolina and Florida. Our innovative technique is why customers first try out our service; extraordinary cost savings and professionalism is why they bring us back.
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We support municipalities, state agencies, property managers, universities, military bases, homeowners associations, businesses, hospitals and other property owners concerned with safety and aesthetics of their sidewalk assets.

We have worked in dense urban, high pedestrian traffic areas, as well as residential neighborhoods and historic districts to complete projects without incident. Our clients often receive unsolicited compliments for the work we have performed.

We have the highest standards for professionalism, quality, and safety. To us, the name “precision” applies not only to our sidewalk repairs, but also to our communication and interaction with you, our customers.


Thank-you for a great job. Florida has a reputation for contractors who are less than dependable. You have made me a believer that there are still  good people to work with in the sunshine state. We will recommend your company to anyone who has a need for your type of service. From returning emails and phone calls to professional work done on time, you are hard to beat. The HOA loves our sidewalks and has rallied behind the Board's efforts to make Laurel Landings a safer place for everyone.

-- Bonnie Davis
President of the Board of Directors
Laurel Landings Estates