You can do it right, or you can do it over

Precision Sidewalk Safety Corp is the Florida and South Carolina affiliate of Precision Concrete Cutting, the national leader in uneven sidewalk repair. Our patented technique flawlessly repairs sidewalk trip hazards in Florida and South Carolina, saving the states millions of dollars in sidewalk maintenance.


Remove Liability

Eliminate trip and fall liability by removing trip hazards caused by cracked or uneven concrete, even if they are located in hard-to-reach places like gutters or surfaces abutting walls.

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ADA Compliant

We are the only solution that meets the requirements of the ADA and also allows you to keep your existing sidewalks instead of demolishing and replacing your current investment.

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Stretch your budget

Our sidewalk repairs typically save our clients 70-90% compared to demolition and replacement of the sidewalk panels, ensuring that with us you can do the most with your money.

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Our advantages

Many organizations spend time and money using grinders, which leave inconsistent results, don’t fully eliminate the hazard, scar up your sidewalk assets, and don’t precisely slope repairs to ADA requirements. Why spend the money twice to do it over, when you can do it right with us the first time?

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What sets us apart

Precision Sidewalk Safety offers extraordinary cost savings by utilizing our patented technology to repair trip hazards quickly and efficiently the first time. With immediate ADA compliance, detailed auditable reports, and unparalleled professionalism, there is only one choice for maintaining your sidewalks.

We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars using Precision Sidewalk Safety to make trip hazard repairs in our District. They are one of the most professional, fastidious, and responsible contractors we work with.

- James Johnson Contract Technicians Supervisor / South Carolina Department of Transportation

The work that Precision Sidewalk Safety did for us saved us so much money and time. We'd like to do more work with them, approaching the city in phases, because every time we do a repair, we remove another liability for the city

- Walter Bandish Assistant Public Works Director / City of Cape Canaveral

Other methods take longer, cost more, and the work really inconveniences users of the walkways. With the Precision method, we saved the City money and the only thing our residents noticed was that the sidewalks looked great and the hazards were removed.

- Lou Giacona Public Works Director / City of Indian Harbour Beach, Florida